Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poor Abigail

Poor little thing. She has been running a fever since she got up Sunday. We took her to the Dr today and he says it looks like its viral. She is congested and she gags when she nurses, sometimes she throws up from it. He said her throat was red. i bet it's swollen too. Boy she got mad at him when he looked in her throat. She was suppose to have her 6 month well check tomorrow, but it was pushed until 6-10. He said he normally works the sick side but he'll come over to the well side to do her well check plus a kinda followup appt. If she isn't getting better in a couple days and is still running a fever then he said they'll cath her and check her urine for a UTI. :( boy, I hope she starts felling better.
Oh, the chunky monkey weighed 19.4