Sunday, March 09, 2008

Read the article first.

They lost an opportunity to show humanity. The SRO could have reached in his pocket an pulled out 40¢. He could have called his wife (or mom or church) and made sure there was a meal sent for that night or to have later in the freezer. Life lesson lost on this one. They could have showed that child humanity instead they humiliated him.
They may have thought they were teaching him a lesson, maybe you can call it a lesson, but it was the wrong one.
i could go on and on here, but I'll spare ya.
So tomorrow I'll be sending a letter and a 5 spot to the school for him incase he needs it one day.


Ashley Hester said...

All I see is what you pointed out but then again we don't have the SRO's side of the story! Hopefully (I pray) this is the total truth, if not that officer and his family are bein judged wrongly! :( Either way its a bad deal!

♥Lisa♥ said...

Your right about the SRO. Its more the school that irked me.

Today when we picked up the kids, i told ben to watch the speed because there was an officer up the road. Cody said Oh, thats just Officer Shane (our HS SRO)LOL, we know him, Ben talks to him all the time. I hope Cody dont think just cause we are friends with him he wont get into trouble

Ashley Hester said...

lol i hope he dont either lol