Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Watched the kids while I was gone so the Easter Bunny could go shopping. Which is a HUGE step for Ben. Ashley is the first non family member to watch our kids. Other than her is was my BIL and SIL Lani and Anna. I cant recall if Betty ever watched the kids. I think I was always with her but we ofcourse would have let her.

I love these pics of K. LOL. thats her tball hat. The kids got to decorated it them selves and on the top she put ramdom letters P,A,Y,O,M. and by the time we got home from tball she took the gem stickers off and it looked pretty bad. So i peeled her letters off and redecorated it. You can still see some of her white on it. i might go over it with a red sharpie. She loves her hat now.


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Ashley Hester said...

aww! I love these pics too!!! Gangsta K pic is my FAV!! She is so stinking Beautiful!! Ben's gonna have to be cleaning his glock when the boys come to get her when she's going on her dates! In like 20 years....LOL~!