Friday, March 28, 2008

Mikasa French Country side

For Christmas my mom sent me money to buy myself something for ME. Well i didn't quit know what to get. Talking with my sister Jackie she said get something for the home. Something that will last. So after much thinking I decided on the the same set of dishes that my mom has. Jackie will be getting our moms set (my mom had all the extras, I'll have to buy them one at a time like mom did) My brother Michael has the same set too. So it'll just really remind me of mom and our family when we sit down to eat. They are really nice heavy dishes and you can use them daily not once a year. So i should get them in a week or so.
I didn't buy mine from Mikasa i got them from Amazon.



MamaBear said...

Oh, they're beautiful! I used to go to the Mikasa outlet in Branson and look at all the French Countryside. And then when I was ready to buy, the outlet closed :-(

It will be so special to you in the years to come to have something that reminds you of your mom on a daily basis. She will always be in your heart, but the tangible things are nice reminders of the love you have shared.

I'm so glad you got to spend this past weekend with her. Praying that peace will fill your heart in the days to come ... S

♥Lisa♥ said...

An outlet would have been great!!! So now i guess i know what my B-day, Christmas and Motherday gifts will be from here on out,LOL.
I just got an email that they shipped so soon hopefully.