Sunday, March 30, 2008


I talked to Tina and had her put Mom on the phone so i could say Hi. It was real brief. "Hi Mom. You doing ok? I Love you, Bye"
Well I guess after mom got off the phone with me they asked her who she had talked too. mom didn't know. They told mom it was me when they gave her the phone. They asked her was it lisa? She either said IDK or No. But either way she didnt know. She sounded like she knew she was talking to me :( That hurt so bad to hear that. I'd like to think she knew it was me. I know the cancer is taking control of her brain.
I feel so so bad for Tina and Jackie because they are right there in front of Mom having to care for her and she's saying things and doing things that don't make sense and it's hurting them.

Sorry for the depressing post.
Much love my friends :)



MamaBear said...

Don't apologize for being depressing. You are in the middle of one of the worst trials you will go through in your life. If I hadn't had my blog to "dump" all the details of my mom's sickness and death, I think I would have lost my mind. Besides, there are lots of us who care about you and what you're going through who really want to know what's happening.

Still praying ...

Alisha said...

I agree with mamabear, don't apologize for anything. It is natural that you're upset, and that you're needing your friends right now too. I wish I could meet you right now, so I could give you a hug!! I'm so sorry for the hurt you (and your family) are going through right now. You are all in my thoughts and your mom did know it was you talking to her Lisa... it was just her brain that was unsure...but she always knows each of you. BIG HUGSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Nicole said...

No apologies are necessary - you are working through this process and that is what matters most.