Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Earth Hour

We went with candle light. 3 candles. This is without my flash.

For the 1st 20 minutes the kids ran around like maniacs. Then they calmed down and started playing

Here is abbie playing in the dark but with my flash it would light the room. I had to kinda point and shoot.

It blows balls out and she likes the wind

I took a random shot and matthew posed and the others were stretching, lol.

after that they did jumping jacks and push ups

Eventually we were down to the last 20 minutes and they were a little antsy after no one wanting to make up a new game they all decided it was time for a bathroom break. with about 10 minutes left i figured a potty break by candle light would eat up the last 10 minutes. so we head out and sure enough there was only 2 minutes left when all was said and done. Oh, AF had to make a grand appearance at the end of Earth Hour too. Always butting in when she's not welcome ;)

Crooked Thomas


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