Saturday, March 24, 2007


Sheryl, your post about spring break made me remember i haven't posted that we went to Branson. AFter 4 yrs of being here we finally went. We left Tues afternoon and came back Thurs afternoon. Ben said we could stay home and i told him no, that we should go. All i would do at home is sit and stare at the phone waiting for it to ring. So instead i stared at the phone in Branson waiting for it to ring :o/
Branson is GREAT. It is like a mini Vegas without the gambling and since we don't gamble it is perfect. The first day we took the kids to the bumper boat and miniature golf and had dinner at shoneys. The next day we went to THe butterfly Palace and Rainforest adventure.We all enjoyed that. After that everyone except me and Abbie did the go-carts. They had a blast. I got very nervouse waching them. We ate the buffet at grand country? is that what it was called. It was very good. We walked around there for a bit. Then we drove around and by accident ended up at The Bass Pro shop. yea. so we went in and Matthew was like a kid in a candy shop. He wanted it all,lol. Yep he was born in Ar. We then went and lookd at the boats outside and happened upon the River walk?? we walked all the way down that and the kids had a blast at a play area at Joes crab shack. We got popcorn and on the way back to our room stopped off at Maggie Moo's for an icecream. Then left Thurs morning. I'll post pics later.


Sheryl said...

NO WAY!!! We were there from 3/17 through 3/23 doing a lot of the same stuff you guys did. How did we not cross paths? That would have been too funny if we'd run into each other at a pizza buffet in Branson ... heehee!

So glad you guys finally made it up there. It's so family friendly. We actually made it to Dixie Stampede this time which was AWESOME ... you'll have to go sometime. The kids would love it.

Loved all your pics. Now the pressure's on to get mine posted :-)

Lisa said...

ok, thats crazy. I'm so so surprised that we didnt cross paths. That would have been something. There is so much there that we want to do. I can see us going back this summer. Someone told us to go after Christmas too. That the crowds are gone, but the lights are still up. I can't wait to see your pics!! :o)