Friday, March 23, 2007

More update

She saw the lung Dr today. He said he's 99% sure it's cancer. She'll have the biopsie next week. Her oxygen level was 55% so she is on oxygen now. Once they find out the type of cancer they'll start chemo. Her liver is causing her pain because it's full of fluid, which my mom said they said it'll get better as her oxygen goes up and the chemo starts working. SHe cant remember if they were going to biopsie the liver or not. so we have a plan and hope. we are leaving a week from Sun to go see her. We plan on spending 3 weeks. Ben will be taking the kids out everyday on an extreme Vegas vacation. I know he's going to take them to Disneyland and also go visit his dads grave.


Sheryl said...

Hey Lisa ~ Just got back from our spring break trip, so I'm a little bit behind getting the news. I am so very sorry ... I will pray for the best, too. I'm here if you need me.

Ashley Hester said...

Lisa-I will also be praying! Keep us updated on everything (if you have access to a computer out there). ALso I hope the kids have some fun! Take lots of pictures!

Lisa said...

thanks you guys!!