Friday, March 16, 2007

Visited with Ashley and Lily

Omgosh she is cute. Her hair is crinky curly. She was asleep, i must remember not to come at nap time. Matthew was a maniac, nonstop. Ashley is now aware of everything that needs to be moved to toddler proof, LOL. I should hire Matthew out ;o) I tried to get Abbie to laugh, but she wouldnt. Though she did fart for Ashley. My lady of a daughter.i didnt bring my camera, sorry no pics :o(


Ashley Hester said...

I wonder how much Matthew would charge LOL! He has so much energy but he is still a good kid! And kaitlen! What a big helper she must be with abby!!
You guys can come by any time!!! Oh and thanks for the diapers!!

Lisa said...

He's a funny kid. He makes Ben and I laugh. Matthew would probably charge a soda and a hotdog (or pizza) :o)
You are welcome for the diapers, im glad I had someone to give them to.