Thursday, March 22, 2007

Litle bit of an update

I talked to my mom today and her bone scan came back fine, but her lung scan came back with tumors on her lungs. She goes tomorrow to the lung Dr and then will have a biopsy done next week to see if it's cancer. None of the Dr's have mentioned a liver biopsy. She is a life long smoker. She is 59 now. If it is cancer I imagine it stared in her lungs and metastisized to her liver. It's never good when it has moved. I know I'm jumping the gun, but im expecting the worse and hoping for the best.
We canceled our Florida vacation and will be going to Vegas. We can spend 2 weeks maybe 3 (really stretching it) then we have to come home. We are looking to leave right after Easter, sadly it depends on money. THe kids will be missing school. Not really bad for Cody as he's in 1st grade, but Thomas is in 9th so it'll be harder. I need to go talk to the school next week.

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