Thursday, March 01, 2007

Got pulled over........

by my NEIGHBOR!! lol. omgosh. I was on the phone with my sister talking about Matthews boots and i go to hang up with her and out of no where (LOL) there is a WC sheriff car behind me. so i think Oh great. so he turns on his lights and i call ben and told im being pulled over. So he comes up and asks for my liscence. i give it to him and he asks how to pronounce my last name. so i tell him. ( obviously i dont recognize him) so he askes for my registration and insurance. so i ask ben on the phone where its at. (because it could be in one of two places and lets say theres alot of stuff to go through) he says just tell him your husbands a police officer. so i tell him and he asks where he works and i tell him and he says he knows Ben that he lives by us, lol, i say YOUR our neighbor?!?!?! so i got off with a warning. so you wanna know how fast i was going??!?!?! ( and truely im not a speeder) i was going 60 in a 45, ack!! shame on me

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Ashley Hester said...

Shame shame!!!

I'm glad your dr appt went well!!