Saturday, March 31, 2007

The diagnosis

Part of my moms biopsy result came back on Thurs. They ended up Biopsing the Liver to avoid collapsing her lung. She has Small Cell Lung Cancer. There are two types and she has the 'extensive' one since it has spread to her liver. It is a very aggressive cancer, statistically she has less than a year. She starts chemo on Tues and that will really help with the pain with her Liver, so im very glad that will reduce/stop?? the pain. Im a little irked with her oncologist. He told her when she's feeling better to go ahead and go back to work!!. She's a tiny woman and is a waitress and was having a hard time with the trays before, she should have really stopped working a couple years ago. Apparently he never told her the outcome of her cancer. He was very optimistic with her which is great, but left out very vital information. Leaving her with the assumtion that she'll be fine. He had even said that this cancer almost always comes back. There is no almost about it. It always comes back, AlWAYS. I told her not to go back to work. That when she's feeling better to go do things she likes or hasn't had the chance to do. My oldest sister has gone to the appointment too and when i told her al the stuff i read about it she was floored saying the Dr didnt say any of that. I know the internet is scary when it comes to medical information, but site after site i hit was the same, maybe slightly different % numbers. We leave tomorrow for 3 weeks and then i plan on flying out again in June and then hopefully again in Aug.
I'll try to update when im there. I'll feel much better once i see her.

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