Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Went great. We got there a little after 6. When we sat down Ben asked if i wanted to call the kids. I said no, lol. He asked didn't i want to know what they were doing?? I told him I knew what they were doing. They were running around the house like wild children!!! We order a Bloomin Onion, yum and a salad and then our dinner. After that we got a coffe and walked around the pet store. The Ferrets were SOOOOOOO funny!! Ben also told me i couldnt have a corn snake no matter how much I whined and cried. I think they are so colorful and pretty. They have one there that is a tiny tiny baby, but has actually grown since the last time i saw it. I guess the last time i saw it was when we got Beau's stuff. We got home at 8. I know, it sseems impossible to drive to and from and do all that inbetween, but we did. I thought we'd be gone closer to 3 hrs........... My Sister-in-Law amde me a carrot cake. It was so good, better than any i have ever had. She is so funny, they gave Kaitlen Emily's canopy bed (a while ago) well i put the bed up but not the canopy. She found all the peices under the bed and put it together for Kaitlen, It looked SOOO cute. The only kid to really miss me was Matthew, he's a Mama's boy!!
Oh, we did make it half way through the meal before we started talking about the kids. We are pretty sure we narrowed our last dinner together to Steak-n-Stein in Ca.

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Ashley Hester said...

Oh I'm so glad dinner turned out so well!!! That is awesome!!!!