Monday, September 03, 2007

The Last Mimzy

We just watch the movie The Last Mimzy and I thought oh how cute. I bet they make that stuffed rabbit. ummm, they do and it's sold out but ofcourse you can get it on Ebay!! i put in to recieve an email when there is another release of the rabbit. It comes in regular plush for 25$ or collectors chenille for 60$ (that one is going for 120+$ on ebay)

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Cute, Huh?... suppose to be a release in fall for Christmas. Maybe K and A's birthday gift?? i don't know. We'll see.

* I had it totally wrong the Chennille is the 25$ one (authorized replica)and it is the one selling for 120+ on ebay. The collector one(not sure what its made from) is not on ebay, i could imagine how much if it was

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