Monday, September 24, 2007

A not so gentle push

into potty training for Matthew. He was pretty much day trained when i left for my moms and the combo of me being gone and daddy putting the diaper on him he went backward. He freaks if he don't have a diaper on. So last night i went potty all the way in the back of the house in our bathroom and the TP was gone!! great. well Matthew wanders in and i ask him to go get mommy some TP, after some thought he said no. What??? there is no use in yelling for someone else they wouldn't hear me. So i ask him in the most fun, sweet nice way and he still said no. Ok, two can play this game........ so i tell him if he doesn't got get me any tp then he cant wear diapers any more. I explained that to him every way imaginable........... so my stubborn child still says no. I got my own tp (thanks Matthew) and Matthew hasn't had a diaper since!!!! oh, he has whined and cried and wandered around the house with a diaper in his hand but not on his BUTT. When he woke up today when i took his night diaper off i said guess what today is??? No diaper day!!!!!!!!!! LOL. So two pee-pee's in the potty today.
I am just so stumped as to were M gets his stubbornness from ;o)