Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas play

The kids had their Christmas program at church tonight. It was good. Actually every yr is good. Like kids can do anything wrong. They are just to cute.

Here is abbie before we went up. Ben was in a horrible spot so he didnt get a pic of me, Matthew and Abbie on stage.

Kailten and Ethan. Its so cute. they have known each other since they were babies and they'll start school together and everything. So you'll see pics of Ethan through out Kaitlens life.

Cody V
awww, my little girl.

Matthew was so quit on Santas lap, he just couldnt wait to get his bag of candy.

Ok, Cody is on a quest. No to prove that there is no Santa, but to believe there is a Santa. He has informed us that the Santa at Daddies Christmas Party was fake because he could see the elastic holding on the beard and that he asked Cody what his name is.......... whoops, Santa knows your name, or is supose to, LOL. So i told him we'll tell Santa that his "Helpers" are not doing a good job. So tonight he had a plan i didnt know about. He ASKED Santa if he knew his name. So Santa 2 failed the test. So mall Santa, the real Santa, the one with the real beard will know Codys name :) and will pass the test.

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Ashley Hester said...

Abbie is so stinkin' cute in that pic!