Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our 10 yr anniversay

Is in January!! hmmmm, how about a 1/2 karat princess cut anniversary band. uh-huh!!
ETA: I showed Ben the ring
Ben: but its not even our 10 yr anniversary
Me: yes it is
Ben: our 10 yr wedding anniversary?
Me: yes, 10 yrs.
Me: we've been together almost 11 yrs. Its our 10 yr anniversary.
Ben: it doesnt seem like its been 10 yrs.
poor fella, he was a little confused.


Ashley Hester said...


Lisa said...

Our anniversary isnt untill Jan 17th so I think I'll wait until January. IDK. we are going to see Santa on Fri so maybe I'll get it then, lol

Anonymous said...

Guess what... on January 20th is my 12 year anniversary. and 13 years together. I get my ring tomorrow

Lisa said...

yea!!! rings for everyone!!

alisha said...

nice ring! Hope you get it!

Anonymous said...

Hey !!have you been taking pics of my wedding ring!!!!!!

Lisa said...

awww, we have the same great tastes!!
maybe i was taking pics of your wedding ring!! hmmmmmmmm
I pick mine up on the 5th. I had to send it out to get sized :(
but you are set at anonymous so i dont know who you are :O