Monday, December 10, 2007


ok, finally updating.
The flight there was great. Kaitlens face was glued to the window when we took off in the airplane. She really enjoyed flying and wasn't bothered at all that we were 33 thousand feet up. No one sat next to us (cant figure out why?!?lol) so we had an extra seat for more room. Abbie stayed awake for the first 2 hours of the flight and then slept the last hour. The girls were perfect the whole time!! yea. My sister was 1 1/2 hours late on picking me up. I could have drop kicked her down the strip. Kaitlen and i had to pee so bad but i had already gathered up our luggage so we couldn't just go potty and we couldn't drag it all in to the bathroom. Me with two girls, one in a sling, two car seats, a backpack and suitcase, we were a sight to see.
My mom looks good. She is getting radiation daily on her spine/ribs and head. It is getting painful to eat because the radiation also hits her esophagus and stomach. This is her last week in radiation. She said she's not sure if she'll do it all. I think she is tired of being in pain for just a small extension of life. Not even quality life. Its kinda like one step forward and two steps back. She'll never get ahead no matter how hard she tries. She is going to call out Hospice when she gets back from my brothers after Christmas so my sister has some help with taking care of mom. Mom has prepared her DNR. She will be at home and will only receive pain meds. No feeding tube or anything. If she cant eat it herself then she don't want any nutrition. Leaving was terribly hard. I'm sure that is the last time I'll see her. She said she'll see me again. She was/is suppose to come out here. I would love for that to be true. we'll see.
oh, on the way home no one sat next us again!! yes and the kids were awesome. Abigail slept the whole way home. Kaitlen had to go pee when we were in our descend. (think overly dramatic, thats why i let her go pee) The flight attendant ran her there and back and she buckled in about 30 sec before we touched down. When i told her she was very close to being on the potty while landing she said that would have been totally cool!

my two snow bunnies! Nooooo we weren't heading out to go skiing in Colorado. It was 60 out but my mom is cold all the time. brrrrrrrrrr

Mom and her dog Lucy.
I have more pics but blooger kept having and error so later i'll post them


Anonymous said...

You should have said.. the late sister wasn't Tina. Mom must have got some new 60 that's a heat wave here!

Ashley Hester said...

Aww it looks like ya'll had a great time. :) I hope your mom gets to come out here soon!

MamaBear said...

My heart hurts for you. I know leaving must have been agonizing. I really hope she gets to make the trip out here.

alisha said...

Hugs Lisa (and family) Lisa, I'm really glad you had a good trip, and visit with your mother. HUGS!