Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mom update

Our mom just got back from visiting over the holiday with our brother in NC. Her first night back she had horrible pain in her shoulder. Enough to call her onchologist at 3am. So she went in for an appt and they are going to start Chemo again. They will use a different chemo med this time and she shouldnt be so sick like last time and she might go everyother week instead of weekly. She had 4 months of chemo the first time around, weekly. then when the cancer came back she had 2 weeks of radiation, she just finished that up on 12/18 and now chemo again. I dont know how long she'll be doing this chemo. She sounded good on the phone. I was worried on Christmas because she didnt sound that great, but she had just woke up and later on that day when i talked to my brother, he was talking kinda worried too. so its really hard to tell how she is doing so far away. though i am irked at her Dr still. He told her he wants to wipe out all the cancer........ so in my moms mind he'll be wiping the cancer out. that just doesnt happen with this cancer or else after flippin 4 months of aggressive chemo it wouldnt have appeard back with tumors on the bones and brain with in 3 months, actually it was less than that but we didnt know until she had the scan but it was probably only 2 months later. yes, i want the dr to be hopeful but i dont like him lying.
My moms 60th birthday is on 2/1. She has some really great TRUE friends and i hope they give her a wonderful birthday.
ok, thats all for now


Anonymous said...

We pray for her healing and resileince, we also pray for strength for your family as you go through this. May God richly bless you all in the new year.

Lisa said...

Thank you.

Nicole said...

Your mother is a strong woman - I'll continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers.