Saturday, December 22, 2007

santa pic

Here is the Santa pic.
( poor code and K were a little confused with us and the photographer going back and forth about take the pic... but shes not looking, so C and K are a little bit deer in the headlights.
I forgot to take pics of the girls dresses before they wore them. Abbie got candy cane on hers. I went with a present on the shirt instead of trying to make a candy cane. thankfully i know my limits. Im glad i went with the white shirt. I think it would have been to much green. i was going to do cream and gold, but then i started thinking how would i dress the boys. I was going to make a vest for Matthew but thankfully Ben couldnt find were he put it. It came when i was at my moms. Making the dresses was as much of a pain in the butt as it was a joy. They love them, i love them and people thought it was cute. The shirts were longer than they should have been so they will probably fit in them next yr, LOL. except for maybe the sleeves on there shirts but nothing a little trim couldnt cover.

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