Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas party/ award ceremony

Ben had to work so he was in uniform. We meet him there. The kids cleaned up nicely and were well behaved.

Ben going up to receive his award from the Director. It was Meritorious Service award for preventing a hostage situation with a suicidal person.

My handsome hunk of a hot husband :o)

Oh, Abbie was very unsure of her Daddy in his uniform. Any other time she has seen him has been when we drive up and he gives them kisses in the car. So she never got the full look at him in uniform. Hmmm, a girl who doesnt like a man in uniform.


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Alisha said...

Yay Ben got an award! Glad the kids behaved, I'm sure you're really pleased with that! :) Nothing worse than kids fussing during something like that!(well ok, maybe there is, but that ranks pretty high still!)

Ashley Hester said...

aww! such a cute family!