Monday, February 09, 2009

fun day!

The kids had a blast at Lily and Brooks' party today. They had a jumping thing and a ton of kids there so it made for a lot of fun.

Now, this first pic is the only one in order the rest are backwards and i'm to tired to switch them all :)
Birthday girl! Lily Mae.

kaitlen did her own hair today. Two ponytails in the front and one big one in the back.

She's so beautiful.

Birthday boy brooks!!

lily looks so grown up there.

Brooks' chunky feet!! cute, love him.

Lily! love those lips :)!

Abbie. Don't let her fool you. She's smiling there, but pretty much cried the whole time.

Sheri, Ashley's sister. She just loves the kids. Kailten thinks she's awesome.

Dante!! my Dante!!! this dog is awesome.

He played in the jumpy!! lol.

We just love the Marshall's.
Happy b-day lils and brooks.



Tina said...

lol..kaitlen's hair.I might have to try that style someday..

♥Lisa♥ said...

That hair style is guaranteed to fix any bad hair day you might be having.

Jenn said...

Cute do ! Glad they had a fun day !

Nicole said...

Lovin the pup in the bounce house!

Hopefulsap said...

aww, love the pics!!