Saturday, February 28, 2009

Barn Cats

We keep barn cats. 1) to keep the mice out of our house. 2) keep snakes away. 3)because Ben is allergic to cats and loving pet cats do not make out in the country. We have tried.
So our barn cats are not our pets and i no longer name them.

So meet Sparkles... I said i don't name them, lol. She is a tiny 6 month old female that we got from a different town. Her mama was a barn cat and that's all she has known.

This is Chief. He is Sparkles half older brother. None of us named Chief. He came to us with that name. His owner is a cop too.

Kitty kat holding the kitty.
See Abbies grubby hands?

No need to call PETA or the ASPCA. Sparkles was not hurt or injured in any way in the next sequence of pictures.

You see puppy? He arrived today. Ab was a little unsure as he was so shiny and perfect. So i showed her puppy's friend that came with him and she got so excited and started saying," Machew, machew, a puppy for you". so sweet, she gave him the puppy. Puppy freshened up after his long trip with a nice hot bath with all of us and was transformed into his old gruff looking self. All was good.

Here is orange male cat who we see about once a month. His name is Sunshine, i'm sure he appreciates such a manly name.

Two other cats showed up last week. One is a striped male and the other is a black cat. I have no idea if it's male or female. They won't come anywhere near us, but they have decided to live here.



Krimmyk said...

What about poor Tiny, all getting dropped like that, and for a cat! I think it is great you keep the cats.

Tina said...

RUUUUUUUNNNNN CATS!! Abbie kills me.

♥Lisa♥ said...

i know, poor puppy. Toss to the wayside.