Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Party

Matthew eating pizza at Kaitlen's party/

Abbie sitting with sister

Kaitlen and Meme

Chocolate is yummy.


Matthew in his coolio outfit.

Abbies dress. To make a long story short I totally messed up on Abbies and 20 minutes before going to the party I had to add the band of red on the bottom. I had tried Lily's dress on Abbie, but i never tried Abbies on Abbie. Abs was to short, but it all worked out.

Heading over to Cody's school.

At Codes party.



Krimmyk said...

I think that is so cool all the kids get to go to the parties!

Hopefulsap said...

looks like everyone had a good time and the dresses and pants turned out cute! :)