Thursday, February 12, 2009

Matthews V-day pants

When I went to get the fabric for the girls dresses I didn't think Mathew would want anything. When i got in the car and announced i was making the girls dresses for Vday Matthew yelled,"Me too! Me too!" I told him ok thinking he'd forget about it. Well that was a big fat NOPE. Plus i actually think he wanted a dress. Not that that would bother me, but I'm sure others would call CPS.
I had absolutely no boy valentines day fabric so i dug through the closet and the only thing with red that i found was a long sleeve dress mens shirt. I don't ever remember seeing Ben or Thomas in it. Whoo-hoo, i have fabric for Matthew. :)
The weird thing was when i cut the two front panels off and the whole back peice off, all the peices ended up in the shapes i needed them for the pants. I just had to connect the two front peices of the shirt since thats the open button up area.

I left the buttons on for character :) They end up on the side of the pants.
It's very hard to tell but the front pocket of the shirt has naturally become the back pocket. It's on the left. Actually you should be able to click on the pic to make it larger.

He'll be wearing a navy colored shirt. i'll take more pics tomorrow.



Hopefulsap said...

how clever, and neat! Those are so cute!! Great job once again Mom! :)

Tina said...

All he wanted was a dress...LOL those turned out cute!