Saturday, February 07, 2009


We went to sign Matthew and Kaitlen up for softball and T-ball today. We were under the assumption that if you were eligible for Kindergarten in the fall that you can be on the team. WRONGO.... That's not it. Matthew would have had to turn 5 by the end of April. Bahhh, i was so bummed about it and i had even pumped Matthew up about ! grrrrr. So we *HaPpIlY* explained to M that we are going to watch K play and help he out and then next time he'll get to be on a team. The PLUS side about this is Ben should be on days by then and can coach!!!!

After sign ups we went over to Kaitlen's cheer. That is always so much fun. Five kindergarten girls shouting chants and cheers. They are a very good group of cheerleaders.

Thennnn, we headed to the mall to watch a Karate demo of a place we have been looking at for the kids and ben. The kids were very excited, even Cody! I believe Kaitlen is going to excel at it. So we get a two week trail and if we like it it's only 120. a month for the family. Not bad at all. They do Kenpo jujitsu, MMA.. the whole mixed martial arts- like UFC. and other stuff that i can't pronounce.
For Cody we are hoping this improves his coordination and for him to see himself physically acheive goals and be reconized for it, for all the work he's done. I am very pround of code because he never wanted to do any sports and he is actually excited out it. Matthew and kaiten?? would have jumped up on stage if they were aloud to :)

I have something to share about Cody. Maybe tomorrow.



Hopefulsap said...

wow, thats a great price for the family!! Sounds great!! :)

Patty said...

Bummer about t-ball. I could have signed DJ up this year, if I would have known that sign ups ended in January. :(

Kim said...

We are planning on signing Hannah up for T-ball in March. I hope we don't run into the same problem. Today she was plying skeet ball and was throwing them like a under hand fast softball pitcher and was winging them pretty fast.

I played summer softball from age 6, in high school and on a women's team until after I had my 2nd child. I miss playing and I can't wait to play with my girl.

Kim said...

The martial art classes sounds like fun. Are you going to do it too?

♥Lisa♥ said...

I'm not going to do it. Maybe after Ben and the kids get more involved in it. When we were at the Mall i did see a jazzercise program that looked fun (and hard, lol) That might be more up my alley.
I hope Hannah gets on a team!! I know i was so excited when Kaitlen started.