Saturday, February 21, 2009

Abigail's 1st ER trip

We were just about to put dinner in the oven and Abbie fell on the concrete and hit her cheek. She was crying really hard. I had expected a bloody mouth so I'm looking in her mouth and nothing. I look at her face and see her tears have blood in them. Bloody tears streaming down her cheek, bloody tears building up in her eyes. Freaked us out. There was no cut or anything, this was coming from her tear ducts like that. Her cheek was really swollen, like someone had stuffed it with gauze.
(she was telling me,"no, mommy, no" she didn't want me to take a pic)

So we head on out to the ER and on the way i see red under her eye so i think well maybe it was a cut and i get her out of her carseat and get a wipie and it wipes away. It was an eye boogie with blood on it. Well, all this makes her cry again and sure enough there is blood in her tears.

They check her in right away and she starts crying because the nurse is touching her and her tears are clear. What a relief. Oh, i had to do her temp in her mouth because if we couldn't get an oral temp the only other way they are aloud to do it is rectal. Ab would have double freaked. We get into a room and wait, and wait, and wait. Abbie is really thirsty by then, but wasn't aloud to have anything to drink. I told her after the Dr sees here we'll get her a juice. Finally the Dr comes in and checks her (she cries) he feels around, checks her mouth, her eyes and all is good. Says she may or may not end up with a bruise on her cheek. As soon as the Doc backed away from her she stopped crying (juice remember) and as soon as Dr left the room she asked for her juice. The child doesn't miss a beat. We had the nurse get her a juice. I'm sure it'll show as like a 10$ item on our bill, lol.



Tina said...

Auntie Loves her baby...xoxoxo

Ashley said...

OMG my pooor abbie :( I'm glad she's okay