Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kaitlens first game

Matthew was already off running around
Kaitlen running to first. They havent told the girls that you can run through 1st as long as you turn right so they all slow down to stop on first.
Kaitlen running to 3rd

these are kaitlen running home. In T-ball everyone gets to bat so when you get to the last batter you normally have 3 on bases and every one gets to run in like it was a grand slam which gives the catcher practice in tagging out. Here The catcher and Kaitlen seem a little unsure. as they both step on the plate, LOL. It was a very cute game to watch.

Abbie with a Mike-n-Ike pepsi face mess and matthew showing off his mike-n-ikes.
ahhhhh, sanity in a box.



Kim said...

WTG Kaitlen! She looks so cute in her pink equipment! Hannah has her pink things already picked out but she still has awhile to go before she can play.

Thomas sure is getting big---Just look at those muscles!

♥Lisa♥ said...

We think Matthew can play next season since he can start kindergarten next yr(even though we are waiting to put him in kindergarten)he would so play now if he could.
Hannah is going to KA-UTE!!! when she gets to play.

oh i will tell thomas you said that. he has been lifting weights in the garage. im sure he will do some flexing for you.