Monday, May 26, 2008

Afternoon Swim

Little miss abbie after she was done in the pool
she decided to play with the rocks
Today Ashley, the kids and I went for Mexican and then to her moms house to swim. After lots of horse play, whirlpools and trampoline jumps we got serious. lol. Cody has a slight water phobia. he wears a life vest and clings to the side of the pool. We then noticed he can actually touch the bottom with his head above water. So i said to him that the vest comes off. Ashley says to him that the vest comes off. He says no, NO!!!Noway...... and anything else he can think of while grabbing the pool. So i give him the 1,2,3 and with some crying and pleading (we are so mean) he takes it off. So we each take a hand an walk him across the pool and about half way there he starts jumping, bouncing, yelling (for fun) he was so flippin excited. he was free, free from the vest, free to move about the cabin. (lol, sorry had to say that) he was really enjoying himself. so we turn to kaitlen. Maniac kaitlen. In less than 5 minutes we had her swimming on her own. She can only do it under water. She's not that good above water. Matthew is somewhere in between cody and kaitlen. Abbie liked me to bounce her around the pool. Lily did great until she got cold. Thomas, well hes been swimming for 10 yrs now though he did step on a bee.



Auntie Tina said...

Abbie looks Ku-ute! had to stop reading after the other kids went in the brings back memories!

Ashley Hester said...

poor cody lmbo