Thursday, May 08, 2008

Revolution Money Exchange

I have waited on posting what this is until I received my money from them. This is just like Paypal but without the fees. Revolution money exchange will also give you 25$ for signing up and if someone signs up through you then you get 10$. So i tried it out.... I signed up (through Ashley) and then i signed Ben up through me. I got 25 for signing up and 10 for Ben going through me. Ben also got 25$ and I transferred his money to my RME account so i then had a total of 60$ sitting there for me. I could of had them mail me a check or direct deposit to my checking. I thought about it for a while. I opened up a different checking to use with my RME account and had them direct deposit it. We got the deposit in our account today and then transferred it into our regular checking.

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You don't have to open a whole new checking, but it was something i had needed to do anyway. I like to have a spending checking account (that no bills come out of ) and we had to close our other one (long story). It's was my eBay play account, lol. So now i have a play account again.
So sign up, i need play money, lol

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