Saturday, May 03, 2008

tornado procedure poll, lol

OK you guys i made a poll and put the answers i could think of. So if you live in an area that gets tornado's please answer the poll. what i want to know is are we like over paranoid and take cover when others may not have taken cover??
I am really missing our Earthquake's. I would take an Earthquake over this tornado stuff any day. Im pretty sure its a go with what you know thing because i've heard people here say oh no they would take a tornado over an earthquake any time. even people who have never been in a quake they are just that afraid of them.
Now from what i can remember i have only taken cover 3 times for Earthquakes. the others were fast enough you didn't need to duck and cover. I could probably guess and say that i have felt around 30 earthquacks in my life while in Cali. It take like a 4.0 for you to stop and say, Hay!! we had a quake. I'll come back and update what the 3 duck and covers measured.
for fun go see the latest earthquakes. it shows the last hour, last day and last week
ok, the hector mine quake, we got in the door jam it was a 7.1 and cody was almost a month old.
The northridge quake, we got under the table and i thought it would never end. it was a 6.7. The landers quake was a 7.3. Thomas was 6 months old. me Tina and thomas got under the table. really scary. THose were the 3 quakes i remember taking cover in. Here is another big one, Whittier Narrows 5.9, but i didnt take cover. I was in 7th grade brushing my teeth getting ready for school and it started. Mom was still in bed. Im not sure what tina was doing. Now Ben probably has his own story on that one because he lived in Whittier. ok, thats my earthquake story. oh, earth quakes either jolt or roll. jolts are quick and done with, rollers last and just keep going. thats when alot of damage happens.
ok, now go vote, lol


Anonymous said...

Give me a earth qauke any day

Kim said...

Tornado's doesn't bother me anymore...have seen and have waitedon too many to come or go.

Its a natural thing in the Midwest but they can be scary at times.

alisha said...

I voted that I just keep doing what I'm doing. We get warnings all the time here. I've only had one time where I considered getting the kids up and going to the downstairs bathroom (which is at the centermost of the house, and no windows, etc. But, tornadoes do not usually touch down in areas with a high concentration of trees (or so I've noticed) So I don't worry about it too much. Plus, we usually only get the funnels...not much more. Our biggest issue is wind shears, which are just as horrible, and do the same kind of damage as a tornado...but again, mostly in town(s) because they're cleared out more... it makes sense to me, but maybe we've always just been lucky! LOL :)