Sunday, May 04, 2008

Matthew and Kaitlen

i was going to the bathroom and Matthew came in to go to. so we are face to face talking as hes waiting for me to go and he goes to put his hand on the door jam and says.... Hey, someone tickled my hand, with a laugh in his tone. He rubbed his hand as to itch it and then looked out side the bathroom door to see if anyone was really there. So i asked, someone tickled your hand? and he said yes. we both kinda giggled. when he went to put his hand back there i noticed he did a quick glance to make sure no one was there.

He may be taking after Ben.


Kaitlen asked me to go over where she was at. She was looking out the window. She says, you see that? I said, yes. She tells me, thats las Vegas, my mom lives there. So i say she does?..... yeah.

She was looking at the sun setting out our window. it was lighting up that area of sky. When you are in Vegas and away from the strip it lights up the sky in that area. She's really sad about my mom being gone.



alisha said...

Wow with Matthew, and aww with Kaitlen.

♥Lisa♥ said...

yeah, when i told ben about it he was like WOW too. The bathroom is in codys room and Ben has seen kids in there before. One is a little girl, but im not sure about any others. Ben hears them all the time.