Monday, May 05, 2008

Kudos to my kids

Over the last month we have gotten gobs of compliments on how well they behave when we are out. In Las Vegas at breakfast one day we got at least 3 compliments on kailten, matthew and Abigail being so good. then the other day in dollar general a man said they were so well behaved in the store (and saying how his kids are not) then today at the Dr's office for Codys appt (sorethroat) I took all the kids in with me. At the end of the visit the MD said it has been a long time since he's been in a room with five children so behaved. :)

now i will say, my kids love to eat, love to shop and like the Dr's so it was something they enjoy doing. but they are not aloud to run buck free like wild banshee's.

So good going, kiddos. now if they'd just clean up after them selves.



Ashley Hester said...

awww loves them *sigh* they r good kiddies..except when we over exercise them lmbo

sorry triple post!

Kim said...

YAY for having great kiddos!