Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mom arrived today

She is on my mantel with the Lladros she left for Abigail and Kailten.
My sister-in-law put a pic in of Mom and Toby and I love it.We were leaving to run a bunch of errands and i got the mail when we were in the car already. So mom went on a tour of NWA. We picked up the boys from school. Took Matthew to speech. Hit McDonalds. Then headed to Sams club. After Sams we go to Walmart, of course. Then we came home. Today is the first day mom has ever been to my house and now she's here to stay.
Im glad this is what she decided to do. Im glad i physically have her.



Auntie Tina said...

I don't want my box to come.. :(
Thats the pic i have framed

Ashley Hester said...

:( sad but good at the same time..didn't see it when I was there