Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Interesting day for Cody

They had a Fire Drill but it wasn't a drill. Everyone thought it was a drill even the teachers. The fire alarm went off and everyone left the building as they had been taught every year. Nice and orderly. There had been an electrical fire (from what i can gather from Cody) in his classroom when they were not in his classroom. His classroom is brand new. They extended the wing and Cody has one of the new rooms. I guess day 3 of school was to much for what ever had been done wrong and it caught fire. The rest of the day Cody's class was in the science room and apparently tomorrow they will be back in their classroom.

Now, girls in school are different that boys in school. I should begin the Chronicles of Kindergarten. Or for aesthetics i should go phonetically, The Kronicles of Kindergarten. LOL.
Today Kaitlen informed me that Kennedy didn't want to be her friend. Kaitlen is bummed because Kennedy played on her t-ball team. They actually look so much alike that they could pass as sisters. Kaitlen has plenty of friends already and played with Meme (her nickname, dont know her real name) and another girl from her tball team.


auntie Tina said...

Kaitlen, You don't want to be that little brats friend anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah what your auntie said.

Jenn said...

Aww,that always happens ,I find with girls more then boys.