Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm so clever!!

You know how Cody wants a civil war party.
I haven't got started on any of the girls dresses but I'm about to start. So i thought i really need to start figuring out the boys. So i looked up what a boys shirt would look like and of course you could order a pattern. I really didn't want to spend a bunch of money. I had called cody over to show him the shirt and he has a stripped collar shirt on and it hit me. I'll alter the shirt he has on!!!

Here is the shirts before. Dirty and all. Even missing some buttons. Poor Cody, lol

I took the collar and turned it inward and sewed over stitching that was already there

I took the bottom buttons off and not wanting to deal with button holes I put the button side on top on the button hole side to cover it up and stitched it up. The top had only 3 button so i added the other to to make it look better.Now my buttons are not functional so i added snaps to close up the shirt. The longest part was putting the snaps on and i was almost done and thought why didn't i just hot glue them on, lol. I would have been done in a few minutes.
so now his dirty stinky shirt needs to be washed and ironed. I'm going to cheat on the pants too. I'm going to get him old navy dress pants that have a flat front and add extra buttons for the suspenders. I am also going to make the suspenders. they are going to be purely for looks I'm not going to make them adjustable.

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