Friday, August 08, 2008

Mammo scheduled

For Aug 22nd. Fri. I went into the Dr's for several things and one of them was to get my mammo scheduled. We had to wait until after Abigail had been weaned for 3 months. Mid July was 3 months. This is that long time ongoing lymphnode/ breast pain thing. 1 (turned out i was pg with Abigail when i was trying to wean Matthew) 2 3 4 5 6 . SO we are getting the ball rolling again. That's good. This will be my first mammo and it's scheduled 3 days before my period, ouch. lol. (actually i really hope that it's clear because if it's not then that scares me because it's been going on for 2.8 yrs and that a long time) what i really want is a biopsy of some of my lymphnodes so that'll be my request after the mammo.
The Dr that i saw, it was only my second time seeing him. The first time he was nice very attentive. This time he was beyond tired. If i had to guess i'd say he'd been up for 2 days going into his 3rd day of no sleep. It was so funny because anything i had a complaint about he had an Rx to give me for it. When the Dr left the room Ben did a total skit of the Dr. It was so funny i laughed so hard I could have peed my pants. I have had hip pain since January and he did an xray and it showed i have a bone spur there. That def explains my pain. He gave me naprosyn. This was the second time we had talked about my anxiety. It started when Mom was Dx'd with cancer and got worse when she died so he brought up birth contol pills. This is the second time he's suggested it. So i said ok. (tried Paxil, eck, no fun) so now Im on Yasmin. It feels very weird to be on a BCP when your husband is snipped. BUT i'm excited about the thought of feeling better especially around period time. Plus an as needed rx for Ativan. Havn't taken any of those. On to my depression.... since Feb 02 i have not taken anything because i have either been pg or breast feeding and even though certain drugs are ok'd during bf'ing and pg, i was just never comfortable with the idea. So he gave me and Rx for that, Prozac. The Yasmin is for both the depression and anxiety too. Oh, he Dx'd me with PMS. I laughed when i saw that. You hear it all the time but never really thought of it as a diagnosis. So i walked in that Fri with no meds under my belt with the occasional Motrin and walked out with 4 rx's. Somehow that makes me feel old.
I lost the paper with all my dx's but if i remember right it was something like this. Lt hip pain, osteophyte, osteoarthritis, PMS, Anxiety, Depression. Sorry I'm not coding them for you. If i had the paper it had the codes on it. I pretty sure Sheryl and I are really the only ones into codes anyway, lol. Oh, there was a V code for the breast cancer screening too.
I will update on the Mammo as soon as I can.


Kim said...

I do MDS' as my job so I know the codes too! :)

♥Lisa♥ said...

other people reading probably think we are weird that coding is :)

MamaBear said...

Oh, we are so on the same page ... I was "coding" in my mind as I went through your list. And what a list it is!

I'm really anxious to hear what your mammo turns up (hopefully nothing at all), but I think you are right to ask for a biopsy since this has been going on for so long.

Take care of yourself, girl. You haven't even hit 40 yet!!

♥Lisa♥ said...

i know, im a ship wreck. LOL. oh, i did forget about the cysts on my ovaries. He didn't go into detail. he just shrugged and said that i had cysts. I pretty much already knew that. It would have been nice if he would have elaborated a tad.
I'll be good soon. Just gotta get back on track.