Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random pic

I opened up a file with over 3000 pics and closed my eyes and scrolled................. I landed on this one.
Matthew, Kaitlen, Cody and Buster

This was Dec 05. That's Buster my Bulldog that I wanted so bad. That Ben got him for me for Christmas. All was good until i got PG with Abigail. There is a certain smell that Bullies give off and with my morning sickness i was in hell. So i called Tina and said you want to take buster for my pregnancy, maybe even a trial basis. Thank God she said yes and I had him on the first plane to Oregon!! I'm not kidding it was the first available flight out for him and it was 3 very long days away. Fast forward a bit. Tina fell head over heels for buster and they kept him. He is now Diesel!!! Well she didn't like him that first day, but after a couple she did, lol.

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auntie Tina said...

Oh God, Now when i talk to the kids they will tell me they want BUSTER back. Then i will say..His name is Diesel!! lol