Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Very Scary

Ashley and I went for a walk (the kids too). We hadn't walked since my surgery. We barely get on the trail and there is a group of people coming from a grassy area and Ashley asks whats wrong. There 8 years old daughter is missing. We are at a park that is pretty big with woods, tall grasses, buildings and the main road into town. The girl had been sent to go get her siblings and never came back. Every one they knew was looking and every stranger out for a walk was looking. After about 10 minutes of us looking we realize no one has called the PD. Ashley calls and someone else had just called it in. So everyone is looking and yelling. I sent Thomas off to search off the paths. It seemed like forever but after about 30-40 minutes and no one finding her it was terrifying. By then she should have been found there was no where else to look and the realization that someone could have really taken her was overwhelming. I could not imagine being her mom. Then about 10 minutes later we ran into another person searching and she had just been found. We don't know where or what she was doing but she was found.

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