Thursday, August 07, 2008


I opened up my 1999 date book and it covers Dec 98 too. We had been trying to get pg with Cody since we got married. We were married Jan 98 so it was taking longer than we thought. Well apparently we tried on New years Eve but what i didn't know then was i was already about two days pg with Cody :) We went to Vegas for our anniversary and was already having morning sickness and blaming it on food, smoke in the casinos. Never dawned on me i was PG. I was late but big deal i was always late, lol. The day we got home from Vegas we ate at this Chinese place and i was eating orange chicken and i was just so sick and it just hit me. That i was pg. On the way home we picked up a 1$ pg test because we had spent so much on them through out the yr. We got home and Ben was working out. I took the test and it took forever, forever!!!! it was probably real close to the time limit of it wouldn't count. There were two very faint blue lines. we went out an bought 3 more AND Ben called the 800# to make sure that they weren't false positives. LOL. When i told my Dr that he laughed (the Dr i worked for, not ob/gyn)LOL, I just turned a couple pages and on jan 18th i even put that i took all the pg test and they were + :o) ........ except my smily face wasnt sideways. I don't waste time. Dr appt on the 19th and prenatal class on the 21st.


Anonymous said...

I remember that like it was just a hour ago

♥Lisa♥ said...

me too.