Sunday, November 25, 2007

Going to visit my mom

Miss Kaitlen, Abigail and I are going to go visit my mom. We leave on the 4th and come back on the 8th. Kailten is so excited. She asked me a long time ago that the next time i go visit my mom if she can come. I told her that she could come. With my horrible fear of heights it took me about 3 days to book the flight. My mom wanted me to wait until Moday before booking it because she wants to see if she feels better. She wants to come out here. She has radiation until Dec 17th and she is supose to fly to NC to my brothers for Chritmas so she wouldn't get out here until the end of Dec early Jan. So with the way her health is declining i booked the flight. She can still come out here if she ok to. All honesty she is not ok enough to fly right now, i don't think she will be at Christmas.

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