Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Abigails 1 year check up

She cried the minute the Dr walked in until he left. She is 30" long and 22.5#'s and her head was 18. %ile wise her head was 90 and then 85 and 75 i think for height and weight and i dont remember which was which. She is good and healthy. She had 4 shots. Hep A, Prevnar, Hib and Flu shot. She goes back at 18 months for her chicken pox, MMR and Dpt. They have started spreading those out. She would have normally got those today too. Im glad they are spreading them out, its a little much on the immune system. Cody had a Dr appt today on the sick side. he has a sinus infection, Poor kid. He got some Amoxil. You know they mix it orange now and not pink! why mess with a good thing. Now my kids dont like the taste. Then we got Matthew, Kaitlen and Cody their flu shot. Now i need to get mine Bens, and Thomas'. Thomas actually needs a tetanus booster and a chicken pox booster. Its been 11 yrs for both of them.


Ashley Hester said...

you know....you're type they'd call shot happy LOL J/k

I'm terrified of shots! poor baby! Cried the whole visit eh? :(

Lisa said...

She didnt like the DR at all. The kids love him, but not her.
Oh gosh, Matthew is milking it. YOu cant touch his arm. You cant take the bandaid off and so joking, i asked him if he wanted a sling for his arm and he said yes. but he would let me touch his arm,LOL.one time he had a smal cut on his finger and wore the same bandaid for a week and a half. It was really gross by then.