Thursday, November 01, 2007

update on my mom

Things are starting to go down hill. I haven't quit figured out how fast or slow down this hill we are going. She continues to loose weight. She is down to 110#'s even she says she is skin and bones. She doesn't have the energy to clean house and mop. (Don't ask why her stupid husband doesn't do it, because if you ask me you will get an earful, trust me. He needs to die) So she called my sister that lives in MN. (yes I have a sister other than Tina, LOL.) This call is the call to were she is suppose to come back out and take care of my mom. Cooking, cleaning, errands... anything my mom needs and ultimately being the caregiver during hospice (she has NOT been put on hospice yet) about a week ago i said to my mom, maybe its time to call Jackie out and she said maybe........ she didn't say NO. that there told me she needed the help. i hope i somehow get to see her one more time.

You know, coming into this world is so beautiful. I woman giving birth and a child born. you cant get something more beautiful........ Dieing, not pretty at all. It is physically exhausting on the person. The energy they consume just to breathe is amazing. I think leaving this world should be as beautiful as coming into it.

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Ashley Hester said...

I love the way you put it into perspective. If only there was no pain on this world.......