Monday, November 26, 2007

Can't sleep

Which totally sucks. So my mind has been wandering. The 19th has stuck out. On MArch 19th we found out that my mom had tumors on her liver, then of course finding out it originated in her lungs. Then Nov 19th we find out that she now has tumors in her brain. I am little scared as to what Dec or Jan 19th might bring. Know what else i have noticed. The number 3. Bill died when Cody was 3, Betty died when Kaitlen was 3. My mom is dying and Matthew is 3. In 2 yrs Abbie will be 3. Don't worry, I've already told my dad he has to live for at least another 10 yrs.

I really should stop thinking to much.


Ashley Hester said...
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Ashley Hester said...

ouch. Lisa, when I get to thinking like this I take 2 tylenol pm's. That seems to help for the moment. Wish I had more advice than that..

hugs xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Lisa... Don't think like that. Now I'm going to start wondering about stuff. Hope nothing happens to Brian is Alaska. See now I'm thinking. T

Lisa said...

dont you start thinking too. you want me to delete this post, i can.
for certain my kids arent the grime reaper.

Alisha said...

aww Lisa! I can see the possible pattern, and how your linking it, but patterns do break! : ) Seriously, nothing ever stays the same!


Anonymous said...

I had to come back and read this. Why the 19th? Why did mom pick today to put Toby down?