Thursday, November 29, 2007


ok, i cant make the Christmas dresses until i get back from my moms. I have to work that weekend and then Thomas leaves on Tues the 11th. So i would have Mon to get the stuff made and pictures taken??????!!!!!! no way. Thomas gets back on the 19th. So take pics on the 20th, make the Christmas card real quick and print and mail the same day?!?!?!? Mission impossible. So your forewarned, Christmas cards will be late!!!


MamaBear at Potter Place said...

They may be late, but I'll bet they'll be cute! You have bigger priorities right now than sewing Christmas dresses ... besides, we can all enjoy your card more when it shows up in the mailbox without 10 others!

alisha said...

well, I don't have to make dresses or anything, but I haven't gotten around to doing a photo shoot with the kids my cards might be late if I don't hurry up and get that done already!! :) Course, if I do them now, everyone is going to see the crusted on boogers that I can't keep off the baby's face! LOL They just keep coming back no matter what I do! Gross I know!

Anyway, don't you worry about it anyhow, you have lots more important things on your mind!