Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ben made the paper

One of Thomas' friends messaged him saying his dad made the paper. So I looked it up. As we all know Houston Nutt resigned from the Razorbacks (haha, i knew before all yall, J/K i'll grow up, lol) Ben and others were there and SNAP, he's in the paper. He was in the paper before. It was an actual article of him and another officer. I ment to copy the article (but i cant find were i put it) It was in the mexican paper so im sure none of ya saw it.
oh, one of these days I'll type up the story of him and Frank Broyles.


Ashley Hester said...

ha ha I saw it! Jason was reading the paper and was like IS THIS BEN? LOL

Lisa said...

lol, When Ben got to work this morning there was a copy on his desk