Friday, November 16, 2007

My mom

Another update. Just over a month ago my mom had a PET scan and it showed two new spots on the left side but everything else was fine. Dr didn't seem concerned, my mom didn't seem concerned. A couple weeks back my moms left shoulder/ breast area was very sore. she thought maybe her port was infected or something. So the Dr (without seeing her in his office) ordered and xray and some other thing to check the port. the port came back fine and xray negative (he was looking for a rib fracture) We knew it wasn't a rib fracture it wasn't that kinda pain. So when my mom has her regular appt with him she shows him were the pain is.......... its in the exacts same spots as the two new tumors. Hey, thanks Doc, two weeks had gone by. She will now get radiation on the spots and when she went to see the Dr that does the radiation he told her it is in the rib under her L breast and her back. This is the FIRST time my mom has been told it is in her bones. When she said, It's in the bones?? He said were did you think it was?............ In the tissue, she said. Her Oncologist is a jerk, he should have told her. Now on her back i asked in the rib or vertebrae?, and she didn't know. My oldest sister is there and at first she said spine and then said rib. So i don't know. I told her if its on the vertebrae it can eventually press on the spine and cause paralysis. so i think that's why she changed it to rib. Mom goes back on Mon to get an MRI of her brain to see if it has spread there. Tina was just there for a week and says mom stumbles and is very jittery/spastic, like you see someone with Parkinson's disease. If it is in her brain they will do radiation there too.


Ashley Hester said...

I'm so sorry Lisa. This is truly a very hard time for you!!! :( let me know if you need anything

Nicole said...

Hi Lisa,
Anna and I are reading your post and are so upset for you and Tina. You all will be in our thoughts and we are praying for the best.

Lisa said...

Ashley, thank you. i cant think of anything, but i will def think of you if i need anything.
idk, how bout that margarita ;)

Lisa said...

Thank you nicole.
Im am so glad you and Anna are doing so well!!! What were you doing at IKEA!!!! crazy woman!

MamaBear at Potter Place said...

I'm praying for the best as well ... what a hard thing to have to endure from such a long distance.