Sunday, March 15, 2009

Summer Projects... Hopefully

You can find all of these projects over at Be different... act normal

We all ready have a long outdoor project list so I am not sure how much of this we will get to.

This was a door turned into a message board. I have an old 4 pane window i can do this too.

My kids don't need a chalk board, but i can take an old frame and make a cute padded fabric photo/ bulletin board for the girls.

I am painting our hall and living room right now and this would make the hall look really nice.
Make our plain flat doors look super duper cute.

This is a magnetic board made from an old drawer and I know we have old drawers in our garage.

little wall shelves. Cute.
All of these projects are super cheap, DIY, run by Home Depot/Lowes type thing.

For outside the house we are moving one of the pasture fences further back to be even with the barn to give us more area to use with our yard. Then put fencing around our front yard (which is technically our backyard) and do some kind of patio thing outside our bedroom, which is our side yard and where the kids play stuff is. Cody's garden..... and all the other normal summer stuff.



Tina said...

I really like the message board.. I could us a big one..

Lorie said...

I hope you find time to do some of them! And post pictures of course!!!