Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break 2009


Matthew's Spring Break was last week and the other kids is this week. My plans were to take M to school today and us hang out with him. Abbie loves doing that and i know the others wouldn't mind. Then on tues and wed i had planned to take the kids to the pool while m was in school and then Thurs hang with M again. Well, I have a Dr. appt today and Kaitlen has the flu so matthew isn't even going to school today and certainly Kaitlen can't hang out at the school or pool. SO, Im changing our plans to hopefully go to the museum one of these days before Spring Break ends and I am also hoping Ben can schedule a time with that guy for the kids to hold a piece of the moon!!! The wind is going like crazy outside and is suppose to be bringing in a big storm.... I see lots of family movie time in our future.


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Tina said...

I was just getting read to blog spring break too..You should rent BH chihuahua..