Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tell me...

Does this go on in your house??

I'm getting the dinner plates ready (yes Tina, putting every ones food on every ones plate, lol)

It goes something like this...

Ben: Everyone be quiet and listen..... then he rips a very loud fart

Cody: (without missing a beat) Can you say it again? I didn't hear you.

everyone laughs

WTH? This is in the kitchen, at dinner time.



Tina said...

LOLOL.. Yes usually it's me that farts. I'm so classy like that.
My kids would go hungry if they were waiting for me to fix there plate.

Jenn said...

Umm ! I laugh now when the baby does it, but once my kids are old enough to say excuse me they do so and never ever laugh or they would be in trouble. I'm mean ! Their dad always use to fart and it made me sick it was one of the list of things I hated about him and his sick farting family including his bitch mother.

Krimmyk said...

Boys will be boys!